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Mission and Core Values

Orchard has actively engaged in reflecting on who we are as a church - on our history, our present, and our future. We’ve discussed what matters most to us, what we treasure about our church, and what hopes we have. Having a mission statement and a set of core values helps us remember who and whose we are and why we are here, helping us to shape our ministries, set our priorities, and work together as the church in the community and the world.

Orchard United Methodist Church

Transforming the world by growing in faith,

serving others, and sharing Jesus.

We strive to live into these Core Values in everything we do as the church, building the Kingdom of God...


Grace is a gift from God given to every person.

​Orchard United Methodist Church is a community of grace, committed to loving and accepting everyone like Jesus did. We value, accept, and include all people and the relationships we form together as a diversity of people. We believe that God’s intention is for us to be in community together ensuring that all are included and loved.


For God so loved the world that he gave

his only son—the first act of radical hospitality.


Jesus showed hospitality by welcoming everyone. He offered himself and all that he had as an expression of his love. Every person who walks through our doors is welcomed as a beloved child of God. Like Jesus, we ensure they are welcomed, connected, and offered grace and love. We further extend hospitality through prayer, service, and shared relationship with God’s people.


Worship is at the center

of what we do as a church.

Worship is our expression of thanksgiving to God. It draws us closer to God in faith as we are inspired, challenged, and moved. Worship provides us with an experience of the Holy Spirit that engages our senses and leads us to offer ourselves for God’s purposes. Through music, word, and sacrament, we glorify God and find nourishment for our souls.


Jesus calls us to be his disciples.

We are committed to giving everyone

the tools they need to fulfill that calling.


It takes lessons and practice to learn to do most anything; discipleship is no different. The study of the Bible, theology, and the life application of both enables us to discover God's purposes for the gifts God has given us. Study and conversation in the context of a group help us to learn from one another as we grow together in faith, guided by the Holy Spirit. Discipleship is a life-long endeavor that begins in the cradle and is nurtured by the church throughout our lives.


Mission is a further extension of hospitality

outside the walls of the church building.


Mission is ensuring that all people are loved and treated as people of worth. It is following in Jesus' footsteps by coming alongside people, loving them, and helping to make life better. It is offering our best to those in need. In so doing, we take the time to build relationships and see the value and gifts of each of God's children as we build the kingdom.


Everything we have belongs to God.

Our financial resources and our building are tremendous gifts from God. We have the blessing and the privilege of using these gifts in order to do ministry and change lives for Jesus Christ. God's great abundance is meant to be shared as well as put to effective use. Conscientious care for our building and use of our finances are central to our ability to be the best we can be as a church. Stewardship requires that we look at the needs of the community and the world-and the gifts and resources we have-and determine how best to do God's work.

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