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Spiritual Growth


Grace—A Workbook

Dr. Mary Franzen Clark

Thursdays beginning January 7 from 7-8 pm


Many of us use the word “Grace”—we say Grace before eating, “There but for the Grace of God go I,” etc. But do we really know what Grace is and the various ways it functions? This class will cover the 16 lessons in the interactive workbook (some may take more than one week to complete); lessons which were originally written for my Adult Sunday School class at Orchard. The approach offers the double benefit of learning the theology of Grace along with psychological insights into human behavior. The class members will come out with a fresh sense of Grace as well as a fresh look at themselves and what we can become through the power of God’s Grace. The workbook can be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. We will start the Zoom classes on Thursdays, beginning January 7, from 7-8 pm. To register, send your name and email information to Mary Clark

Adult Sunday School

11 am - via Zoom


Feisty Women of the Bible   There are many stories of women in the Bible—some we know, and some that are not so well known. The class will use a book to read the (short) stories of each woman to more fully understand what happened to them in their time and culture. Then we will discuss what we can learn from them to apply to our lives today. This Sunday morning class will meet via Zoom at 11 am and begins September 13. Open to anyone in the Orchard congregation. If interested, contact Mary Clark.

Children's Ministry

Nursery through 6th grade

Colleen Aben 2019

Colleen Aben

Director of Children's Ministries

Ms. Colleen oversees the Children's Ministry - Sunday School and WOW (Worship Our Way). Contact her to find out what's going on this Fall as she leads our kids through growing in faith!

Tracey Huber 2019

Tracey Huber

Coordinator of Early Childhood Development

Ms. Tracey leads our nursery and interacts with the nursery and preschool aged children. Contact her to find out how your little might become a favorite of Ms. Tracey!

kelly sheckell headshot 2013 copy.jpg

Kelly Sheckell

Club 456 Leader

Ms. Kelly leads the kids in grades 4, 5, and 6 in a time of spiritual development that's mixed with FUN! Contact her to find out how to have your 4th, 5th, or 6th grader join in that fun!

Youth Ministry

7th - 12th grade youth

Pastor Nick 2019

Associate Pastor

Pastor Nick challenges our youth from 7th grade through 12th grade to grow spiritually by helping them apply their faith to everyday life. 


JAM (Jesus and Me)

This high-spirited group of youngsters will be meeting on Sunday evenings. Contact Pastor Nick to find out what's going on and when!


Senior High Youth Group

Our senior high youth are serious about living their lives as followers of Christ. They come together on Sunday evenings in small groups to learn and grow in their faith to help them live in the world. Contact Pastor Nick to find out details of when and where!

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