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The MomCo @ Orchard


Being a mom is hard. BUT, moms don't have to go it alone. MomCo @ Orchard is a group for busy moms to support each other through this journey called motherhood.


Orchard's cohort is open to new members - from mothers-to-be to mothers of school-aged children. Starting in Fall 2024, there will be two morning meetings and two evening meetings each month. Morning meetings include childcare, coffee and snacks. They also have playdates and Moms Night Out events during the summer and school year.


MomCo meetings are a chance for moms to slow down, catch their breath, and recharge both mind and spirit. Moms need connection and need each other. Better moms do make a better world. 


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MOPS International rebranded to The MomCo in 2023. They are a global non-profit dedicated to creating transformational mom community.


About TheMom.Co

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