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Missions Outreach and Service Ministries are opportunities to bring the Good News of Christ and the ministries we support to the people of our community and to the world. There are also opportunities to serve the church and the community through hands-on and financial support. These ministries help make the needs of the poor, hungry, and disadvantaged real to us, and encourage us to action.

Missions Outreach & Service

Missions Collection Box

Our Missions Collection Box is located in the hallway outside of the parlor. Every month we sponsor a different group in our area who is in need of specific items. Please see information below
for the current month's missions collections.

August Missions Box

We have two opportunities to fill the missions box in August!


(1) Help the children in the Farmington school district have the tools they need to be successful in the classroom this fall. Please donate the following school supplies:  

· #2 Ticonderoga pencils

· black pens

· colored pencils

· colored markers

· dry erase markers (black and colors)

· 24 count crayons

· highlighters

· single subject spiral notebooks

· 2 pocket folders

· glue sticks

· boxes of tissues

· antibacterial wipes


(2)  There is also an immediate need in the community for household paper products like tissues, paper towels, and especially toilet paper. These items will be distributed by our local food banks Hospitality House and Farmington CARES. 

missions box special collection august 2023 jpg.jpg

Extra Opportunities to Bless Others

gift card jpg.jpg

Gift Card Sales Support Youth Mission Trip

Continue to order gift cards all year long!


Did you know you can support the youth group anytime you shop? You can buy gift cards (most of which are "rechargeable") to do grocery shopping, gift shopping, or going out to eat from Scrip. Every gift card you buy automatically pays a percentage to the youth group without you having to pay a dime extra. Shop and dine as you always do and the youth group retains 2-15% of the value of every card you purchase.

This gift card program can be accessed from the app RaiseRight, available through download in the App Store or through Google Play. It's not difficult to set up at all - just takes a few minutes - and is associated with the ShopwithScrip program we've been using for years.

  • Download the app called "RaiseRight" and enter enrollment code D18B366D1936L to link purchases to Orchard.

  • Once you set up your account (with password, etc.), you can order cards to be put in your "Wallet" as well as order physical cards (small shipping fee).* You can even order and have the physical cards sent to an address other than yours.

*ShopwithScrip requires that larger orders (over $100) might need to be approved by the church office. If you have a large order, let Mari Anne Wilcox know you’ve placed it and she'll help get those cards to you!

Great for all year round!

The Seeds Program

OUMC Seeds Program logo brand 2020.png

The Missions Committee is excited to announce a new ministry: The Seeds Program. This program makes seed funds available for congregation members to start new local mission projects that encourage vulnerable and marginalized persons and promote their well-being. We have been challenged to dream big, and this is one of the ways we do so. If you have a vision for a new local mission outreach, you can apply for seeds funding—grants of up to $500 are available. Please click here to learn more. You can download the application here

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